Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Video: Beauty & Makeup Repurchases

In this week's video I show you some of the products I find myself keep going back to. I love to try out new products but sometimes it's nice to know if and how a product works. Click play to see which products I have a slight freak out when I run out, to hear the story of how I broke my Apple Ear Pods and why I love the Revlon lip crayons so much.  ALL IN ACTUAL HD. You have no idea how excited my new camera makes me. My last camera said it recorded in HD but it was chronically blurry anyways, so this is a whole new level of HD for me.

Speaking of filming, today I start pre-filming videos for the fall. My goal is to have one video up per week that I will be gone so that my channel can live on even though I might not have time to make new videos. I don't know how my schedule this fall is going to look like, so I don't know how much time I will have, but I also have to take my roommates and our shared and already slow internet into consideration. I'm not sure if filming, editing and uploading 18 videos in three weeks is realistic, but hey, I won't know if I don't try.

Lights, camera... action!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Makeup: The Blush and The Brush

Above you can see two things that have topped my wanties list for what feels like an eternity. Both the blush and the brush popped up like daisies in the spring on all of the youtube channels and beauty blogs I read, and finally this spring, they were added to my own collection.

During a shopping spree I walked in to Sephora and asked the lady for a pinky coral blush and after some looking around the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour blush in Blissful was the one I settled for. It has that not quite pink, yet not quite coral, but definitely more coral thing going on, which I love and it applies like a dream. A smooth, satiny, highly pigmented blush with long lasting power - no need to touch up during the day! - can one ask for more? This has been the only blush I have been wearing since I bought it. Are you convinced you need it in your collection yet?

The brush I have been applying it with is the Mac 168 Large Angled Contour Brush which fits perfectly on my cheeks, under my cheekbones and on my temples (so many options!) and oh, did I mentioned it is one of the softest brushes I have ever felt? I seriously have a crush on Mac brushes after getting my first one, a 217, last year. Slowly but surely, I'm building my collection.

These two staples comes together to create my dream duo, and honestly I don't think I've ever been this excited about applying blush before.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Edit: Vacation Must-Haves

I admit it, I always over-pack. I know it - but does it stop me from doing it again next time? Never. It doesn't matter whether I'm packing for a weekend away somewhere or to move abroad, I still over-pack. (Yes, I was forced to pack my life in a 23 kilos suitcase and I somehow managed to pack some things I never used. It's possible). Sometimes, well most times, I over-pack my handbag, but from what I hear and see from people's What's in my bag videos I think that's a common problem, am I right?

My makeup/beauty bag when I go on vacation is no exception. Example: When I went to Cyprus last week, I packed everything I needed for a full face of makeup (minus foundation). Amount of times that week I wore makeup: 0. It was a very nice break for my skin, but still. Le sigh.

However, I did use some products and during the week they became my holy grail. So here I thought I would share my vacation must-haves. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where the temperatures go above 25'C on a regular basis (read: more than three times a year), these products may be included in your everyday routine, but I have been blessed with (close to eternal) winter so here are products I like to bring on vacation.

Victoria's Secret body mist in Love Spell: The description on the bottle says it smells like cherry blossom and peach, which is probably true, I can't tell because I've never experienced that combination, but I think it smells like candy. It is a very sweet, light, spring-y scent. It's a nice break from my usual vanilla heavy scents when I want something a bit sweeter.

Victoria's Secret nail polish in Heat Wave: Can you tell I did some damage in my local shop before I left DC? During a late April treat-yo-self shopping spree, I picked up this bright glitter orange (and a pink one, of course) and instantly declared it my summer staple. The brush is a good size, not too big and not too small. The lasting power has yet to impress me, the first time I used it it chipped the first day, but that might have been me being impatient. I'm wearing it now and it has lasted on my toes for about a week with no chips, so things are looking better. Also, it looks great with a tan. But by far my favorite thing about it is despite it being a glitter nail polish it is not a pain to remove. Yes, it's true.

The Body Shop body butter in Coconut: Somewhere between finals I discovered that The Body Shop had a 3/$30 sale on body butters so during what I believe was the same shopping spree as mentioned above, I finally picked a few up. This product seems to be everyone and their grandmother's long time favorite, but I had actually never tried it before. It is more on the solid side but it's still creamy yet absorbs quickly into the skin. And then there's the heavenly scent that brings you to memories of beaches and pina coladas and summer. *swoon*

Nivea Sun Protect SPF 30 Waterproof lip balm: This is a lame one, I know. You're probably thinking "Did she really include lip balm with SPF?". YUP. Just trust me on this one - the combination of saltwater and sun may triple the size of your lips overnight and it's not funny (although it kind of was. Sorry mom). If you are like me and have super dry and sensitive lips, why not use lip balm with SPF instead of just regular lip balm? I know for sure I don't want to risk anything.

St Tropez Gradual Tan in Light/Medium: I bought this on recommendation from my roomie and I'm so glad I did. Living in a country with a highly unstable weather, this product has become a must when I'm at home too. Why not give your tan a little extra help? It gives a subtle tan, very fool proof for first-time self tanners like me. What I do is that I scrub and moisturize my body in the morning or during the day to prep. Then right before I apply the self tanner, I moisturize any dry spots again (elbows, knees etc) and my hands to prevent orange hands (*shudders*) and then I apply the self tanner like I would a body lotion. It dries fast (maybe 10 minutes?), doesn't smudge at all on sheets and smells pretty good for a self tanner. I would choose this over a spray tan any day (I had some bad experiences at my graduation, but that's for another time...).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New beginnings

Hi. Welcome, again. This time, let's try something new. Usually what happens when I set up a new blog, I'm sick and bored (check and check) and miss writing (yeah, check this one too). I'm a creative person. I'm a writer. I need to do this, I can't go too long without it, if I do I risk losing my mind. So here I am again.

Quickie introduction for anyone new: I'm Victoria; 20 years old, studying abroad in DC for a year, currently back in my small Swedish hometown, dreams of big cities and makeup counters. I like blush, youtube videos and adventures. I don't like meat and I'm scared of birds. Fave color is pink and   I'm pretty obsessed with Orange Is The New Black. I'm basically allergic to air conditioning because every. single. time. I get a cold (I got back two days ago from Cyprus and I feel like crap), which ties back to the whole new-blog-thing.

My plans in the nearest future are to have lunch, get over this cold and to write blog posts. I will leave you with a peaceful picture of the ocean I took a couple of weeks ago. Until next time!